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The delicate whitening treatment for everyone

Designed to offer delicate and effective teeth whiteningBlancOne®TOUCH is the first in-office treatment that uses a low percentage of peroxide, just like in home whitening systems.

Instead of waiting 10-15 days, with BlancOne® TOUCH you can immediately have a whiter and brighter smile with lots of advantages:

  • total safety

  • no gum protection

  • a single, 30-minute session

  • no use of trays

BlancOne® TOUCH is perfect for all those want the best smile, all the time. Thanks to the low concentration of peroxide, under the control of the dental professional, BlancOne® TOUCH is risk-free and can be repeated more frequently. That means your teeth will always be white and bright.

The BlancOne® TOUCH treatment is very affordable and includes the BlancOne® STICK home maintenance pen.


How BlancOne® TOUCH works

After mixing BlancOne® TOUCH’s two components, the whitener and the activator, the gel will be applied to the teeth and irradiated with a special blue light for 5 minutes.
Thanks to its special formulation and utilizing light energy, the oxygen generated will not be dispersed externally (the gel swells) but will remain trapped in the gel and completely conveyed toward the enamel, maximizing the whitening action.

After completing its action, the gel is removed and applied again for a new cycle. The session consists of a total of 4 whitening cycles. For darker initial teeth shades, a fourth optional cycle can be carried out during the same session.

BlancOne® TOUCH generates effective whitening using a low concentration of carbamide peroxide (16%), does not dehydrate enamel and does not cause sensitivity. Like all BlancOne® treatments, it does not contain desensitizing and remineralizing agents which means your teeth will always be safe!

After completing the treatment, we will show you how to use the BlancOne® STICK home maintenance pen included in the treatment. You should use this special pen once a day for 14 days to complete and stabilize the in-office results.


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