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As dentists, we are trained to save teeth whenever possible. In some instances, a tooth cannot be saved and a tooth extraction is the best option. Pura Dental Care provides pain-free tooth extraction services in South London. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 020 8850 1870 to discuss your individual needs.

Frequently Ask Questions

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

In general, the best option is to save teeth with procedures like fillings and when there’s nerve damage a root canal can be performed. But when decay extends deep under the gum, the tooth is cracked, severe periodontal disease is present, or a tooth infection cannot be resolved a tooth extraction is recommended as the best option.

Do All Wisdom Teeth Require Extractions?

No, we can take digital x-rays to check on the health of your wisdom teeth. Some people keep their wisdom teeth their entire lives without any issues. They even use their wisdom teeth to help them chew food. But when there are cavities present, infection, or gum inflammation it may be best to have the wisdom teeth extracted.

Are tooth extractions painful?

A tooth extraction will get you out of pain. Usually, a tooth extraction is a completely painless procedure. You’re completely numb, so there’s no pain during the procedure, only some pressure is felt. Contrary to popular belief dentists do not actually “pull teeth.” The tooth is gently nudged with pressure, the ligaments holding the tooth in place give up and the tooth comes out atraumatically. In our office Dr. Max gently extracts teeth, usually in just a couple minutes or less.

How much Pain is there after a Tooth extraction?

Most people have minimal discomfort following the procedure. Every person is unique, therefore everyone responds differently to a tooth extraction. Since the bone supporting upper wisdom teeth is soft, there’s generally minimal discomfort associated with an upper wisdom tooth extraction. The bone supporting lower wisdom teeth is very dense and it is common for people to experience some pain and discomfort for a day or two following lower wisdom tooth extraction. Pain medications will be provided to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with a tooth extraction.

Will there be a hole after the extraction?

The gums will heal in just a few weeks to cover the extraction socket. There may be an unusual sensation in the beginning, but that sensation goes away in just a few days.

Aftercare instructions

following a tooth extraction: 

We recommend to stick to a soft diet following a tooth extraction and to work your way up. Most importantly for the first 24 hours do NOT spit, smoke, or use a straw while drinking. For the first 24-48 hours the blood clott forming is extremely fragile. Putting pressure on the clott by forcefully spitting, using a straw to drink, or smoking can displace a blood clott. This is called a dry socket and it can be very painful. If you’re having pain 3 days or more following a tooth extraction please see a dentist. A dry socket is easily treated by placing a medicated dressing over the extraction socket which all the pain and discomfort.

Should I replace the missing tooth?

After a tooth is extracted, other teeth will slowly shift into the empty space. The movement is very slow and can take a year or more to notice. Upper teeth will erupt downwards to fill the gap and teeth on either side may lean inwards to take up space. A dental implant is generally recommended as the best option to replace a missing tooth. Usually, a dentist will wait four months for the bone to fill in before placing a dental implant. But sometimes the implant can be placed immediately on the same day as the extraction. A dentist may also recommend a bone graft at the time of the extraction, to facilitate future implant placement.

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Sue ChristopherSue Christopher
19:03 01 Jun 23
I have been a patient at the practice for about 10 years now, and have always been delighted with the dental care they provide. Dariush (Dr Hoshyar) is kind, considerate and professional. In 2016, I decided that I would like to improve the look of my teeth and, thanks to Dariush, I now have a beautiful set of porcelain veneers. Dariush took me through a treatment plan, explaining every step, and giving me all the time I needed to decide, with several visits to make sure that I understood exactly what was involved. I've been so pleased with the results, and Dariush has continued to look after my new smile. Just occasionally, one of the veneers will need some attention (normal wear and tear), and this ongoing care is all part of the treatment plan. The whole team at the practice are extremely kind and helpful - dentists, hygienists, assistants and receptionists. Excellent service.
Chiapali ObodosikeChiapali Obodosike
11:43 12 May 23
Just finished my Invisalign and i couldn't be more happy. Max outdid himself - i thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, Max was extremely caring and supportive throughout.
15:40 02 May 23
I have received expert treatment and excellent care from Dariush and Sandra throughout my implant procedures. A 1st class service I can highly recommend.
Diana VRDiana VR
12:27 28 Oct 22
Super friendly dental practice staff, I went for a checkup after delaying during 2020-21… and needed a few fillings. The fillings barely hurt and my dentist Dr Laura ensured I was comfortable and calm throughout.Highly recommend, best dental practice in New Eltham SE9. I actually take the train in from North London as the connection is so easy from London Bridge.
Ellie KielyEllie Kiely
22:32 20 Feb 22
I recently completed Invisalign with Max - he made the whole experience easy and stress free. Is he openly contactable to answer any questions you may have. Max always ensures to fit your appointment in, regardless of how busy he is. For anyone looking for a dental practice in the local area or looking to start Invisalign, I couldn’t recommend Max enough.

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