Teeth Whitening

A bright smile can be one of your most attractive assets. A youthful, healthy-looking smile can help you feel more confident in social, romantic and even professional situations.

Dr Max, our teeth whitening expert, along with other associate dentists at Pura Dental Care, offer several options including laser-assisted teeth whitening to give you the whitest smile possible.

The most common causes of discolored teeth are extrinsic or external factors. These can include regular consumption of coffee, nicotine, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks and tea.

The aging process can also leave teeth looking dull and discolored. Teeth whitening is extremely effective for these types of stains. Dr Max & Dr Laura, our experts in teeth whitening in New Eltham, and other associate dentists at Pura Dental Care, can make specific recommendations for your individual whitening needs.

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